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Mapoffer App is built to Erase the paper system of Offers in everywhere..For a customer downloading Mapoffer App will be is better to find the best offer & he dont want to go to find the offers just one click he get all.You can directly contact the seller through whatsapp in Mapoffer App.


It is the best way for the merchants for increasing the sales and getting a chance of regular customers from Mapoffer App. Simply they are getting a virtual store.

Public Info.

Now also Mapoffer give a facility for adding the public information such as school, collage, hospital e.t.c. merchants can add thier enterprise and promote their offers.Also it is helpful for the persons who come first time in country.


The booking facility in mapoffer is just the intial stage.. soon it will be build better.

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Virtual store facility for merchants.

For any merchants who is struggling hard to increase their sales, Mapoffer App is the place for you to start business.


For any merchants who need to add thier products to Mapoffer App homescreen they simply just click "promote products " in thier dashboard..we will review the item and will add to Mapoffer App home screen..a small charge will taken as promotion charge.


Merchants can add thier items and make offering.. enable / disable offers at anytime in Mapoffer App dashboard.

Public info feature

Public info is same like merchant virtual store.. you can add thier school to Mapoffer add your offers, add special promotions.

Home based business in Mapoffer

Home based business in Mapoffer means if you dont have a physical store and you want to do business mapoffer is the place for to start busines legally and increase sales.

Booking feature in Mapoffer.

Booking feature means in Mapoffer App is you can sell your tickets or you can announce an event to see the peoples or any type of occasions you need to announce mapoffer app is the place for you to announce & get it reach to peoples.

App Monthly Packages

For any merchants who come first in Mapoffer we will give a three month free subcription to add thier products, make offering, Add promotions after the three month the subcription charges will as follows

Subcription Packages

1.99 QAR 1 month Access

2.299 QAR 3 month Access

3.599 QAR 6 month Access

4.999 QAR 1 year Access

Promotions Packages.

1.99 QAR 7 days Promotion

2.199 QAR 14 days Promotion

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